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Department of Communication and Psychology

Aalborg University
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Aalborg University has a quality system to ensure that ongoing and systematic work is carried out to ensure and develop the quality and relevance of AAU's educations.
At AAU, systematic studies are carried out that shed light on the students' experience of the teaching, the structure and content of the semester and the course of the education.
The Department of Communication and Psychology was formed under the then Faculty of Humanities with the short name Department of Communication.
More than 450 publications were published under the institute in 2021
Approx. 2,400 students are enrolled in the programs associated with the department since 1986
Day-to-day management is handled by the head of department. The institute's central organizational units are knowledge groups, which function as the individual employees' primary, day-to-day workplace affiliation.
In order to ensure and strengthen the quality of the study activities and the students' overall learning outcomes, the teachers are scientifically and pedagogically-didactically highly qualified.

iSchool Contacts

Mikael Vetner

Mikael Vetner

Head of School

Mikael Vetner

Mikael Vetner

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