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In the modern world, technology has woven itself into the fabric of society, binding people and information closer together than ever before. While this new digital era brings with it exciting innovations, it also brings a host of new, unexplored problems. In the School of Information (iSchool), our focus is on utilizing technology to solve real world, human-centered problems. With a combination of diverse courses, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of knowledgeable and imaginative faculty, the iSchool gives students the tools they need to ensure a lifetime of success. We shape the future and improve the world through creativity and innovation.


Master's Programs

Artificial Intelligence MS

  • On-campus & Online

Data Science MS

  • Online

Health Informatics MS

  • Online

Human-Computer Interaction MS

  • On-campus & Online

Information Technology and Analytics MS

  • On-campus & Online

PhD Programs

Computing and Information Sciences PhD

  • (On-campus)

Content Areas

Accessible Computing, Data Science, Data Visualization, Health Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Architecture, Information Ethics & Values, Information Architecture, Information Ethics & Values, Information Systems and Technology, User Experience Design

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