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iConference 2024

Wisdom, Well-being, Win-win
Virtual Academic Program: April 15 - 18, 2024
Onsite Acad
emic Program in Changchun, China: April 22 - 26, 2024

Hosted by Jilin University, China, and University of Tsukuba, Japan

iConference 2024 begins in:



Delicious soup is cooked by combining different ingredients.
- Chenshou (233-297), San Guo Zhi (History of the three kingdoms), around 3rd Century


This quotation from Chinese historical classics encourages a win-win environment, and iConference 2024 offers just such an environment for collaborative innovation and research in the information field. This year’s iConference will offer both virtual and physical options, and will be advertised on social media to engage more people in the community.


The theme of iConference 2024 is "Wisdom, Well-being, Win-win". We aim to explore the formation and development of new research on data, information, and knowledge in the digital era. The topics include the development of digital technology, and its applications in information and data science. Other topics will also explore ethics and governance issues. 


The 2024 iConference will be the 19th conference in the annual series and will take place in two parts.


1) a research program that is held online 

2) an on-site program that will provide a physical venue in Changchun, Jilin Province, China for participants who he the means to travel.


The online program will include the usual range of research papers, posters, and colloquia / symposia that participants have come to expect. The on-site program will also include paper and poster presentations, workshop and panel sessions as well as community hosted events. Business meetings, opportunities for project-related events, as well as social and cultural activities will take place on-site and will offer an ideal place for face-to-face networking. All authors who presented online will also have the opportunity to present at the on-site program.​

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Download the Call for Submissions here.

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